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Adoption Application!

kittensSave time in adopting your new kitty! Click here to open, print, and then complete your application. Take the application with you to our clinic location—listed below.

Our Clinic at the East Greenbush PetSmart

You can visit our cat clinics in the East Greenbush PetSmart. We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for directions.

Our clinic is closed for the 4th of July

Our hours are:

  • Monday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Due to a lack of clinic volunteers, we are not open on Tuesdays. Can you help? Click here to learn about our volunteer needs!
  • Wednesday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Thursday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Friday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Saturday: 10:30 am-2:30 pm
  • Sunday 12:30 pm-4:30 pm

Our trained volunteers will be happy to acquaint you with our cats, answer your questions, and complete adoptions.

Current Adoption Fees

  • Two kittens—$150 (regular fee @$85)
  • Two cats over 1 year—$100 (regular fee @$65)
  • One cat and one kitten—$125


Click here to view additional cats and dogs that are looking for their permanent homes.

Adopting a Kitten?

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Our Cats

 AnimaLovers is an all-volunteer-staffed organization; therefore, we limit adoptions to those who live no more than an hour from the capital district. Click here to display the Adopt-a-Pet website to search for animals in other areas. For more information, you can also call 348-3903, and press 1.

Baby—Our Featured Feline!

I'm a gentle "Baby"; and, I'm a little sad because my owner had to go into a nursing home and couldn't take me. I miss my owner, but I would be happy to have a new home where I could give and get lots of affection. A quiet home would be perfect for me, and I need to go to a home without other pets. I still like to play with cat toys, and I'd love a room with a view! Baby

If you are looking for a buddy to love, please call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet me! You would make me so happy, again!

Note from AnimaLovers: Baby has been waiting several months for her new home. She has been so sad since her owner had to go into a nursing home. She has done well in her foster homes and would love to have a new owner. We are working hard to get her back to a forever home—and, as our Featured Feline, she can be adopted without paying an adoption fee! Call us to learn more!

The cats listed here are only some of the AnimaLovers animals waiting for adoption. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger view. Click the larger picture to return to this page.

As a courtesy, we have also provided listings of other cats waiting for adoption. These animals are not AnimaLovers's listings and are private transactions between the parties. Please note that AnimaLovers has no involvement other than listing these animals. Click here to view our courtesy listings.

Meet some of our kittens that are currently available for adoption. To hear more about any of these kittens, or others that are looking for their forever homes, call us at 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line!!

Shadow loves hugs and snuggles, toys and playmates...and, dogs!

Sarah is a young girl that came from a home with two litters of cats! Coming from that background, I didn't get a lot of love as a baby. But, in my foster home, I'm now sweet and talkative!

Pippy loves attention and will jump right up on your lap when you call her. She not only likes humans, she loves other cats!

Stormy loves to follow after her humans. Toys and other kitties are also favorites!

How cute is Tyler with his little white mustache?? He is very intelligent and also loves people!

Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet these kittens! Top of Page
Gia is a petite, beautiful girl! She is independent, but she is also super sweet! If you have other animals--not a problem. She gets along with dogs and other cats. So, if Gia sounds perfect for you, call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Mercy was found living on the streets of Albany. Understandably, she is a little shy, at first. But, once she is comfortable, she is ready for lots of attention. Mercy loves to play with toys, including her toy mouse and lasers. She also loves to talk and makes a great companion. She will probably do best in a quiet home as an only pet. So, if you're looking for a companion like Mercy, please call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
My name is Penz, and I am a 3-year-old boy. I am even more gorgeous in person than I am in my picture! My story has a sad beginning, but I am fully expecting a super-happy ending! I was adopted from a rural animal shelter and lived in a home for a year. But, then, my owner died, and I was returned to the shelter. I was very sad and spent over a month there until an Animalovers volunteer took me into the AnimaLovers program so I could find another forever home. I lived with foster siblings, both male and female, and got along with them very well. I really enjoy playing in my foster home especially in my kitty crinkle tunnel. My humans poke the outside of it and that gets me going like crazy! I love it so much that my foster mom is packing it up for me to bring to my new home! I am long-haired so I need to be brushed in order to stay looking so handsome, and I really like to be brushed under my chin and around my face the best! I also like to climb the cat tree where I have a window seat to safely watch all that goes on outside. Life has been great to me and I've been fortunate enough to have a second chance to find my forever home once and for all! Please call AnimaLovers to meet me--384-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
It’s hard to believe, but Gayle was left in a house when her owners moved out of their home. Luckily, she was found when the new residents moved in. They called AnimaLovers, and Gayle was taken in to the program. Turns out she is a wonderful cat—it makes us so sad that this kitty could be treated so badly. In addition to being sweet and loving, she is also a lap cat and loves to be picked up. We’re excited about giving Gayle the life she deserves. If you think that life is with you, please give us a call at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I was rescued with my kittens by AnimaLovers from an abandoned building. I am so grateful that we were rescued; and, now, I am even happier, knowing that AnimaLovers is looking for a forever home for me. I’m a very sweet girl, and I love attention. And, if you have cats—no problem, I get along well with other cats! So, please call AnimaLovers to meet me; 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line. Top of Page
I am the sweetest, friendliest and most loving adult cat my foster parents have ever met! My owner was evicted and left me behind. A very kind neighbor took me in and contacted Animalovers to find me a forever home. Since I am completely gentle, I would be an ideal pet for children, the elderly, absolutely anyone. I like attention almost all the time and I enjoy being in a lap or beside you. I even greet you at the door and love to cuddle up with you in bed at night. Kitties simply don't come any sweeter than I am. Whoever adopts me will have truly struck gold! Are you ready to meet the most loyal friend you will ever have? Call AnimaLovers to meet me! 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I'm a young boy, with such cute markings on my face (if I do say so, myself!). I love people and lots of attention! It's great when people hold and pet me. I like being an only cat, so if you don't have any other pets, and are looking to pay me lots of attention, that would be great!! Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, and press 1 to meet me. Top of Page
Beauty was found on the streets in Hamilton Hill, scared and skinny. Since then, she has become healthy, and truly beautiful! She is sweet, very playful and loves to be held. She loves humans (has been good with a young child in her foster home), and gets along with both dogs and cats. To meet Beauty, just call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Cyborg is a ball of energy! He is still a kitten and is super active; he also loves everyone! He is great with kids, cats, and dogs.

Although you can't see his fur in this photo, he has medium-length hair and a fluffy tail!

If he sounds like he'd fit in well with your family, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Stella and her boys were rescued and Animalovers has promised all of them forever homes! Stella would be perfect for someone who loves cats that are somewhat independent. Stella does enjoy attention, though, and would like some quality time with her human(s)!

She does get along fine with cats and dogs, but she would also be happy as an only cat. If Stella sounds like the kitty for you, call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Are you looking for a cuddle bug?? If so, I'm your boy! I'm VERY friendly, and I just love to cuddle! I like to sit with you while you watch tv, and I'll roll over so I can have a belly rub. When we're not cuddling, I'll be happy to play with my toys. Want to meet me? Just call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Evan is a playful and orange kitten. This adorable kitty is a lap cat and loves to rub his head against your chin. Evan is a talker, loves to purr, and needs very little encouragement to come when you call him. He loves to play with his toys and when they aren't readily available he is very amusing to watch as he chases and plays with his tail. Evan plays well with other cats and can't wait to meet his new family. To meet him, call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Chet has been adopted!!
I was trapped in a feral colony in Albany I was too friendly to go back to the streets, so AnimaLovers is working to find me a home. I’m very outgoing and charming, but also easy-going and affectionate. I come and sit on your lap as soon as you sit down.  I like being picked up and held, but my very favorite thing is to plop next to you to read or watch TV. I love to hang with my people! Although I’m a muscular boy, I’m very laid back and relaxed and would make a perfect companion for someone who isn’t interested in a high-energy companion.

I'm a FIV positive boy. But, AnimaLovers wants you to know that there are a lot of misconceptions about FIV. It’s contagious to other cats (not dogs or people), but isn’t spread by eating from the same bowl or grooming. It’s transmitted by deep bite wounds (not grooming or playing with other cats). Being FIV positive does mean I have a compromised immune system. If I’m exposed to disease I may catch it more easily than a non-FIV positive cat. That’s why it’s important I live inside and get good vet care, like routine shots. It’s also good for me to have some lysine every day; it boosts my immune system and keeps me healthy. Since I’m such a good eater, my foster mom sprinkles it on my canned food and I eat it. Easy! You can buy lysine capsules at the grocery store, so it’s not hard to get or expensive. Take me home – I’ll be your best buddy and reading companion in no time! Call 348-3903, and press 1 to learn more about me! Top of Page
Oh Henry--adopted!!
Due to an old injury, I'm blind in one eye; but I hope you will still find me totally lovable! I love to be petted; and, when you pay attention to me, you'll find me following you around the house. I'm one big, sweet guy looking for his forever home! So, please call 348-3903, and press 1 if you think you have my forever home! Top of Page
Winston is a young and very handsome boy. He has a great time playing with the other cats in his foster home, especially zooming around the house playing chase. He also loves getting human attention, which is accompanied by having his chin and ears scratched. His foster dad says that he is a gentle and happy kitty that lets you know when he's happy with a little, chirping meow! If Wilson sounds like the cat for you, call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I really love people and enjoy relaxing with my foster mom while she reads or watches TV. I’m outgoing, affectionate and sociable; and I love being petted and talked to. I’m also a good eater, not picky at all. I’m just happy to have a full belly and a safe home. It takes a short warm-up period for me to get used to other cats, but then I’m fine with them. Take me home – with or without another cat – and I’ll be great company! Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet me. Top of Page
Sam and Sara are a young brother and sister pair. (Be sure to click on either Sam's or Sara's picture to see how cute they are when they are together!) Both of them can be independent, but they also like to hang out with their foster mom. Sam lets his mom carry him, and Sara thinks it's great that she's allowed to sleep with her foster mom! Since they are so active, we were surprised when the vet diagnosed both of them with heart murmurs. They are currently on meds and will require a recheck in six months. They are playful, loving, and would love a home of their own. And, we think there is a home out there with loving humans that will be happy to provide that for them! If that's you, please give us a call at 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line! Top of Page
Blake is a gorgeous, fun-loving little boy; he enjoys zooming about the house with or without his cat friends chasing him! He loves racing up the cat tree, playing with rubber balls, and is happy playing by himself!! AnimaLovers took him from a shelter that has a slow adoption rate, with hopes that we can get him quickly adopted. He would love to go on to his permanent home; please call to meet him--348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line. Top of Page
I love being in a home where I can be with people! I’m such an affectionate, outgoing girl that I come when my foster mom calls, follow her around the house, and jump in her lap the minute she sits down. I also love to be brushed, which keeps my coat healthy. When I first arrived at AnimaLovers, I was too heavy for my petite size; but, my foster mom put me on a special diet. It has worked wonders--I look and feel great!

I'm also very playful! I like laser pens and toys on a string that I can chase. I’m OK with other mellow cats after an initial get-acquainted period, but would be fantastic as an only pet. I’m very gentle and would probably be good with kids. I just want to be someone’s pet forever. How about letting me be yours? Call 348-3903, and press 1 to find out how you can meet me. Top of Page

I’m a very, very active boy who loves to play, run and wrestle with my foster siblings (boy and girl cats from 5 months to 13 years old!), but when I’m ready to relax, I love snuggling, being petted and sleeping curled up next to my foster mom. I also love hanging out at the very top of the cat tree. I’m curious and outgoing and constantly look for something to keep me busy. I’m very smart, know my name, and come when mom calls. I can be a little overwhelming for low key, shy cats – I love to go, go, go! But my foster sister, Hannah, understands me and loves to play with me. We chase each other and wrestle – and are usually found in the same room, although not always next to each other. Please let us come home with you!

I was born on a farm after someone dumped my mom there. Luckily, the nice people who owned the farm took us all to the vet – and then asked AnimaLovers to please help us find homes.

Although I was a little scared in my foster home at first, after spending a few months learning to live with people, I’ve become a very affectionate girl. I'm a teensy bit shy and may even hide in a quiet place when I come to your home, but only at first! Once I get to know you and figure out that you like to pet me, I’m very sweet and will snuggle with you all the time.

I’m very smart and know my name – now that my foster mom and I are buddies, I come when she calls me. I usually sleep snuggled next to her or draped over her legs! It would be great for me to have my friend Balki adopted with me--it will help me know I’m in a safe place – and give me someone else to cuddle with! Take me home and you won’t be sorry, I promise. Please call AnimaLovers to meet me: 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line. Top of Page