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of the Greater Capital District, Inc.


Adoption Application!

kittensSave time in adopting your new kitty! Click here to open, print, and then complete your application. Take the application with you to our clinic location—listed below.

Our Clinic at the East Greenbush PetSmart

You can visit our cat clinics in the East Greenbush PetSmart. We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for directions.

Our clinic is closed for the 4th of July

Our hours are:

  • Monday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Due to a lack of clinic volunteers, we are not open on Tuesdays. Can you help? Click here to learn about our volunteer needs!
  • Wednesday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Thursday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Friday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Saturday: 10:30 am-2:30 pm
  • Sunday 12:30 pm-4:30 pm

Our trained volunteers will be happy to acquaint you with our cats, answer your questions, and complete adoptions.

Current Adoption Fees

  • Two kittens—$150 (regular fee @$85)
  • Two cats over 1 year—$100 (regular fee @$65)
  • One cat and one kitten—$125


Click here to view additional cats and dogs that are looking for their permanent homes.

Adopting a Kitten?

Here are a few tips to help you out!

Our Cats

 AnimaLovers is an all-volunteer-staffed organization; therefore, we limit adoptions to those who live no more than an hour from the capital district. Click here to display the Adopt-a-Pet website to search for animals in other areas. For more information, you can also call 348-3903, and press 1.

Winston and Blake—Our Featured Felines

Winston is the most lovable cat around. He will quickly integrate with your family. He is very gentle and adapts to other cats, quickly. He will become your best pal, following you around the house.
Note from AnimaLovers: If you are looking for some kitties to love AND love you back, please call 348-3903, and press 1 to learn how you can meet them! And, as our "featured felines", they are available to a wonderful home for no adoption fee.
Blake: When Winston came into the family, he became one of his Blake's favorite playmates. He will wrestle with him and sleep with him. He likes to be held while looking outside, he will purr & nimble your fingers. He has a beautiful medium hair fur coat that is thick and silky.

The cats listed here are only some of the AnimaLovers animals waiting for adoption. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger view. Click the larger picture to return to this page.

As a courtesy, we have also provided listings of other cats waiting for adoption. These animals are not AnimaLovers's listings and are private transactions between the parties. Please note that AnimaLovers has no involvement other than listing these animals. Click here to view our courtesy listings.

Meet some of our kittens that are currently available for adoption. To hear more about any of these kittens, or others that are looking for their forever homes, call us at 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line!!

Shadow loves hugs and snuggles, toys and playmates...and, dogs!

Melody "talks" to her toys while she plays with them!

Melissa might be a little shy at first, but she's a real love!

Stormy loves to follow after her humans. Toys and other kitties are also favorites!

Melanie also loves to follow after her humans and loves to snuggle.

Mark is the super snuggler!

Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet these kittens! Top of Page
If you're looking for an outgoing girl, you should meet Goldie! She's a year old and a total doll, and the “G” kittens are her babies (click here to view them!). She's friendly and self-confident and had no trouble adjusting to her foster home. She was completely at ease with the other cats there and gets along fine with the dog too. To meet this great girl, call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Stanley and Sammy are young siblings that love to play together. They are also very loving and affectionate. Stanley will soon be meeting you at the door, and Sammy will soon be cuddling! If you would like to meet these two, please contact our volunteers at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Looking for a big, beautiful cat?? Meet Wyatt! Wyatt is a big, friendly guy. He's also very affectionate (and likes to get affection, too). While he enjoys being petted, he loves to curl up in a warm bed! He gets along well with dogs and mellow cats. He would also be fine as an only pet. Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, and press 1 to meet Wyatt. (And, when you meet him, note his super-soft coat!) Top of Page
Louie is a friendly, little boy. He's also beautiful!! He's friendly and affectionate, and he gets along well with the other cats and small dog in his foster home. If you would like to meet him, please call 348-3903, and press 1. Lucy is Louie's sister. She's very outgoing and will come when she's call. She's also very playful and affectionate. She and Louie are very bonded and need to be adopted together. If you are interested in meeting these beautiful kittens, please call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
My name is Buster, and I'm 7 months old. I was rescued from outside when I wandered into someone's yard, hungry and eager for attention. I'm an extremely outgoing boy. I follow my foster mom around the house and sleep on the bed. I really enjoy the company of people, and I'm playful with the other kitties in my foster home. I'm just so excited to be in a warm and loving environment where I'm safe from the dangers of the streets. Now I'm eager to find my forever family. Maybe I'd be the perfect cat for you? Call AnimaLovers to meet me, and find out!! 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Luca is a beautiful kitten. She can be independent, but she'll purr when you pet her and likes spending time with people. She loves the other cats in her foster home. She is very playful with the kittens, but also loves to cuddle with the bigger cats.

Call 348-3903, and press 1 to find out how you can meet her. Top of Page
If you're searching for a super friendly, super social and super handsome boy, Ben's the guy for you! Ben is a totally charming cat that will greet you (and all your friends and visitors) at the door. He loves everyone. It’s not unusual for him to jump up and settle into the lap of a new acquaintance and make himself right at home. He loves to lie on the desk while his foster mom is working... and so enjoys human companionship, he'll follow you from room to room.

Ben is under a year old -- super playful (he really needs another playful cat as a companion) and full of energy. He loves to wrestle, play chase and do all those typical adolescent male activities .Although he's quite good with the older cats, he'd probably make them a bit crazy if he didn't have the young ones to play with. Ben has a buddy in his foster home that would be a great companion! They love to play and hang out together and we offer an reduced fee when you adopt a pair. For more information, call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 and press 1 for the adoption line. Top of Page
Mercy was found living on the streets of Albany. Understandably, she is a little shy, at first. But, once she is comfortable, she is ready for lots of attention. Mercy loves to play with toys, including her toy mouse and lasers. She also loves to talk and makes a great companion. She will probably do best in a quiet home as an only pet. So, if you're looking for a companion like Mercy, please call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I am the sweetest, friendliest and most loving adult cat my foster parents have ever met! My owner was evicted and left me behind. A very kind neighbor took me in and contacted Animalovers to find me a forever home. Since I am completely gentle, I would be an ideal pet for children, the elderly, absolutely anyone. I like attention almost all the time and I enjoy being in a lap or beside you. I even greet you at the door and love to cuddle up with you in bed at night. Kitties simply don't come any sweeter than I am. Whoever adopts me will have truly struck gold! Are you ready to meet the most loyal friend you will ever have? Call AnimaLovers to meet me! 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Cyborg is a ball of energy! He is still a kitten and is super active; he also loves everyone! He is great with kids, cats, and dogs.

Although you can't see his fur in this photo, he has medium-length hair and a fluffy tail!

If he sounds like he'd fit in well with your family, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Winston is a young and very handsome boy. He has a great time playing with the other cats in his foster home, especially zooming around the house playing chase. He also loves getting human attention, which is accompanied by having his chin and ears scratched. His foster dad says that he is a gentle and happy kitty that lets you know when he's happy with a little, chirping meow! If Wilson sounds like the cat for you, call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I really love people and enjoy relaxing with my foster mom while she reads or watches TV. I’m outgoing, affectionate and sociable; and I love being petted and talked to. I’m also a good eater, not picky at all. I’m just happy to have a full belly and a safe home. It takes a short warm-up period for me to get used to other cats, but then I’m fine with them. Take me home – with or without another cat – and I’ll be great company! Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet me. Top of Page
Sam and Sara are a young brother and sister pair. (Be sure to click on either Sam's or Sara's picture to see how cute they are when they are together!) Both of them can be independent, but they also like to hang out with their foster mom. Sam lets his mom carry him, and Sara thinks it's great that she's allowed to sleep with her foster mom! Since they are so active, we were surprised when the vet diagnosed both of them with heart murmurs. They are currently on meds and will require a recheck in six months. They are playful, loving, and would love a home of their own. And, we think there is a home out there with loving humans that will be happy to provide that for them! If that's you, please give us a call at 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line! Top of Page
Blake is a gorgeous, fun-loving little boy; he enjoys zooming about the house with or without his cat friends chasing him! He loves racing up the cat tree, playing with rubber balls, and is happy playing by himself!! AnimaLovers took him from a shelter that has a slow adoption rate, with hopes that we can get him quickly adopted. He would love to go on to his permanent home; please call to meet him--348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line. Top of Page

I’m a very, very active boy who loves to play, run and wrestle with my foster siblings (boy and girl cats from 5 months to 13 years old!), but when I’m ready to relax, I love snuggling, being petted and sleeping curled up next to my foster mom. I also love hanging out at the very top of the cat tree. I’m curious and outgoing and constantly look for something to keep me busy. I’m very smart, know my name, and come when mom calls. I can be a little overwhelming for low key, shy cats – I love to go, go, go! But my foster sister, Hannah, understands me and loves to play with me. We chase each other and wrestle – and are usually found in the same room, although not always next to each other. Please let us come home with you!

I was born on a farm after someone dumped my mom there. Luckily, the nice people who owned the farm took us all to the vet – and then asked AnimaLovers to please help us find homes.

Although I was a little scared in my foster home at first, after spending a few months learning to live with people, I’ve become a very affectionate girl. I'm a teensy bit shy and may even hide in a quiet place when I come to your home, but only at first! Once I get to know you and figure out that you like to pet me, I’m very sweet and will snuggle with you all the time.

I’m very smart and know my name – now that my foster mom and I are buddies, I come when she calls me. I usually sleep snuggled next to her or draped over her legs! It would be great for me to have my friend Balki adopted with me--it will help me know I’m in a safe place – and give me someone else to cuddle with! Take me home and you won’t be sorry, I promise. Please call AnimaLovers to meet me: 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line. Top of Page