Adoption Application!

kittensSave time in adopting your new kitty! Click here to open, print, and then complete your application. Take the application with you to our clinic location—listed below.

Our Clinic at the East Greenbush PetSmart

You can visit our cat clinics in the East Greenbush PetSmart. We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for directions.


  • Monday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Due to a lack of clinic volunteers, we are not open on Tuesdays. Can you help? Click here to learn about our volunteer needs!
  • Wednesday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Thursday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Friday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Saturday: 10:30 am-2:30 pm
  • Sunday 12:30 pm-4:30 pm

Our trained volunteers will be happy to acquaint you with our cats, answer your questions, and complete adoptions.

Current Adoption Fees

  • Two kittens—$150 (regular fee @$85)
  • Two cats over 1 year—$100 (regular fee @$65)
  • One cat and one kitten—$125


Click here to view additional cats and dogs that are looking for their permanent homes.

Adopting a Kitten?

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Our Cats

AnimaLovers is an all-volunteer-staffed organization; therefore, we limit adoptions to those who live no more than an hour from the capital district. Click here to display the Adopt-a-Pet website to search for animals in other areas.

For more information, you can also call 348-3903, and press 1.

Meet Our Newest Featured Felines!

Peanut is such a sweetie--and, her foster mom says that she may be the most loving cat in the world! In addition, she makes an excellent housemate and has excellent manners. She may be a little shy at first (probably because she spent nearly a year in a cage); but, once she gets a little affection from her new family, she will be asking for lots of lovin'!
We hope to quickly find a wonderful adopter for her, and we have waived her adoption fee for that person! She is currently at our East Greenbush PetSmart; so, hurry in to meet her--our clinic volunteers just love her!
Or, call us at 348-3903, ext. 1.
When some kittens aren’t properly socialized with humans, they become very shy around them. These aren’t feral cats; they just didn’t learn how to interact with people.

This may have been the case with Prince—given up by his family when he was just a little boy. Prince received the socialization that he needed when he went to live with a wonderful AnimaLovers foster family, and he has made great progress while living with them! Today, he is very playful, whether he’s interacting with his toys or other kitties. His foster dad says he’s really a wonderful boy, and he’d be a great addition for a family looking for a companion for a current family cat. If you think he might be right for you, please call our volunteers at 348-3903, and press 1 for the adoption line. AND, since he is one of our “featured felines”, we are waiving his adoption fee!

Some of Our Available Kitties!

Having a problem looking for the perfect lap cat? Well, we’ve found him! Lumiere is a handsome boy--about a year and a half old. He's is extremely friendly and affectionate! Lumiere will put his paws around your neck to hug you, roll over for belly rubs, lay next to you or on you - he so wants attention! He also plays and just hangs out. Lumiere's foster mom said if she was adding a permanent cat to her family - this would be the one! Call for more information or come meet him. We're sure you'll fall in love. Call 348-3903, ext 1. Top of Page
Hooter is a petite 5-month-old with the sweetest face and a personality to match! She is very playful and good with other cats. And, although she has lots of energy, she isn't destructive and is a joy to have around. When she's ready to settle down she'll curl up next to you to watch a little television! For more information or to meet Hooter, call 348-3903 ext 1. (If you don't have another cat, ask the volunteer to suggest another kitten or young cat as a companion for Hooter; cats are best in pairs!) Top of Page
We love "best buds", and Tipper is one of them. He was found in a feral colony, but this guy is not a feral; this guy would like to be your best bud...rolling over to be petted, watching tv with you...just a sweet and gentle guy waiting to be your best bud! By the way, he's also fine with other cats. So, if you're looking for a best bud, just call AnimaLovers to meet him--348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I'm Cider, and my description is simple: Just think "love!" I love being held; I love being petted; I love being around everybody! Yup, I'm a "love bug!" (PS--I'm also good with kids.) Just call AnimaLovers to meet me: 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Baby Bigs
His name is Baby Bigs, but you might be calling him, "Lover Boy!" When you pet and hold him, he purrs really loudly. He's still a young boy, though, and not yet a year old. Introduce yourself slowly and he'll be your lover kitty forever! Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet him! Top of Page
I'm still young, but my foster mom says I'm mellow and sweet. I love people, and I'm happy to be with them, getting lots of attention, including getting brushed! Being young, I also like my toys...oh, and I also like other cats! Just call AnimaLovers to meet me--at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
I'm a handsome Maine Coon mix with all the personality traits that make us so popular. I'm very friendly, affectionate and mellow (but I'm young and do still like to play!). I'll melt in your arms and you can carry me like a baby. I'm great with other cats and would love a home with another friendly cat. I'm also very gentle, so I would be great in a home with children. And...as an added bonus....I'm also great at using a sisal scratching post! I'm just under a year old - the perfect age!

Hurry in to AnimaLovers's clinic in the East Greenbush PetSmart: My foster mom thinks I'll be adopted very  quickly! Or, for more information, call 348-3903, ext 1. Top of Page
I'm a young girl--sweet and friendly! I got along with the cats and big dog in my foster home from the minute that I walked in the door! I'm also very cute with my extra toes!! I like to play, so I'm perfect for a family that already has a cat for me--or, when you call AnimaLovers at 348-3903, ext 1 to meet me, ask about adopting another cat to go home with me! Top of Page
You won't find a friendlier boy. I'll immediately want to be part of your family! I lost my home when my family divorced, and I'm sad about that but excited about finding a new home. Although I lived my entire life with my sister, since losing my home I haven't gotten along well with other cats. My foster mom thinks maybe after coming from a loving home to living in a cage for several months before AnimaLovers took me in, I decided I needed to get ALL the love in my new home! I'll follow you around like a dog, come when I'm called and shower you with attention. I'm very affectionate and love to sleep next to my humans and be close and near them....when I'm not playing! I'm about ten months old so I still have lots of energy and need human interaction. (I spent several months in a cage at a grooming salon and seemed to like the dogs - but at AnimaLovers I haven't been exposed to dogs.) To learn more and meet me, call 348-3903 ext 1. Top of Page
I'm a very petite (just a tad over five pounds!) girl who was rescued as a stray. The woman who found me couldn't keep me and asked AnimaLovers for help. I'm so happy to be inside. I'm very friendly and affectionate with my human family (I'm not a shy girl!) and love cuddling and hanging out with them. I even help my foster mom when she's working on the computer! And after just a couple of days I was running and playing with my feline foster brothers (ages 1 1/2 and 16). Although I haven't been with children, my foster mom thinks I would be great in a home with children because although I'm very playful, I'm also gentle. I have great markings (can you see the white circle on my tail?), have the softest fur and when I was at the vet, everyone thought I was super special too! For more information, call 348-3903, ext 1. Top of Page
Beautiful Rickey is the perfect cat for a family looking to add a pet. She's friendly and affectionate, without being overly active. She is declawed and needs to go to a home without other animals. She's anxious to get settled into a nice home. Please call us to meet her at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
If you are looking for a special buddy, Summer is for you! Summer is extremely affectionate and will meow to get your attention, hoping you will pet her. She is very smart and will come running to you if you call her name. She will love being with you and will be your shadow!

She gets along well with dogs once she is comfortable with them. She is also fine with older kids.

Just call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet her! Top of Page
Mike is still a young boy; and, like most youngsters, he is very playful and would love another young kitty in his new home for a playmate. He's also fond of his humans--very affectionate and sweet. Call us at 348-3903, and press 1 to learn more! Reese is a tiny girl, even though she's full grown. She just loves attention, and is friendly with other cats. Reese would be a great family cat. Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet her! Top of Page
Looking for a playmate for your kitty? Meet George! He's very friendly and loves other cats. He's still a young boy and ready to play!

Call us at 348-3903, and press 1 to learn how you can meet him. Top of Page
Cybil--I went home!
Josie--me, too!
Cybil and Josie are beautiful, long-haired girls that are looking to be kept together in a new home! Sadly, their owner died last year, but AnimaLovers knows there is a great home just waiting for them!Cybil is very sweet and gentle; Josie is more playful, but she is also a snuggler! Call 348-3904, and press 1 to meet this great pair!! Top of Page
My name is Lucy! I am a very petite girl, and not yet a year old. I was dropped off in a local neighborhood with my siblings, so I am a little shy, at first. But, soon you'll see that I love to play and be petted. I love cat treats and other cats. All I need is a forever home! So, please call to meet me at 348-3903, and press 1 to meet me! Top of Page
My name is Sylvester! I am a playful, independent 8-month-old boy. I am super curious and would love to be exploring my forever home! Call AnimaLovers to meet me at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Unlike the Emperor Napoleon, this Napoleon is a big boy! He's also very, very sweet and affectionate. As big as he is, he loves to play and needs a playful companion. Call 348-3903, and press 1 to find out how you can meet him! Top of Page
Sweet Caroline was one of five cats that were assigned to live outside after their owners got a dog, which is so sad since she loves being with her foster family. Not only is she super sweet, she is very gentle and never tries to bite or scratch. She will follow you around and give a little meow to get your attention. She loves to be picked up and will wrap her arms around your neck like she is hugging you. She is a loving lap cat and would sit on your lap all day if she could. If you would love a loving cat (!), please call to meet Caroline. Call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Sherlock--I was adopted!!
I'm sweet and mellow, but I love human attention! I like belly rubs and having my head scratched. I also like to have my face scratched!! If you let me, I'll sleep on your bed with you. I'm a young adult, but I also still like playing with toys. If I sound pretty terrific to you, please call my friends at AnimaLovers to learn how you can meet me. Just call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Brad and Morgan came from the same high-kill shelter in the South. Brad and Morgan are a handsome pair, but their personalities are what really makes them special. They’re playful and active, but also affectionate, loving and sociable. The minute they got out of the carrier in their NY foster home, they ran to find someone to play with – they couldn’t wait to have fun! They’re curious, and love to explore and play with anything that looks interesting - and other cats are the most interesting of all. They love being held, petted and cuddled as much as they love playing.  Even though they’re energetic, they’re also gentle, and would probably be fine with children who like and respect animals. Brad has been with dogs, and Morgan could probably adjust to a cat-friendly dog, given time and a proper introduction. Brad and Morgan have become very close and they would really love to find a home together. Could it please be with you? Call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet them! Top of Page
Stuart--We were adopted!!
Stuart and Pepe were fostered together and are very much alike. They both like attention--they like sitting next to you, being brushed, and will come when they're called. They are also playful, and both like toys.They also get along with other cats, so they should do well if you're looking for some company for your cat! To learn how you can meet them, just call us at 349-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Pete and Andre are young kitties—super lovable and will love you back! They are under a year old, so they are still very playful.They also love each other, and they would do well to be adopted together. Let's get these kitties a wonderful home; if you think it's yours, call 348-3903, and press 1 to meet them. Top of Page
Don't miss your chance to adopt an orange tiger!! And, Richie lives up to the reputation of the orange tigers--VERY affectionate--a real lover boy! He'll happily follow you around, and may even talk to you at the same time. Want to meet him? Just call our volunteers at 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page
Max is a super-friendly, super-affectionate, 9-month-old boy. He's a small guy with a huge heart. He seems to love everyone! Max was rescued as an infant and bottle-fed by a volunteer at a shelter in Alabama. He's been handled and loved and kept safe until an opportunity arose for him to come to NY and find a forever home. After two days of travel, Max came out of his carrier ready to explore his new surroundings and meet the next family that he fully expected to love him (and we do!).

Max is a lap cat. He's full of energy (and a bit under-foot because he loves attention) and very playful...but when he's ready to settle down he looks for a lap. And after only a couple of days he was best buddies with the other three cats in his foster home (ranging in age from 1 ½ to 17 years.) Max is a special boy -- and we hope to find a special family to give him the life and love he deserves. For more information about Max, call 348-3903, and press 1. Top of Page