Adoption Application!

kittensSave time in adopting your new kitty! Click here to open, print, and then complete your application. Take the application with you to our clinic location—listed below.

Our Clinic at the East Greenbush PetSmart

You can visit our cat clinics in the East Greenbush PetSmart. We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for directions.


  • Monday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Due to a lack of clinic volunteers, we are not open on Tuesdays. Can you help? Click here to learn about our volunteer needs!
  • Wednesday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Thursday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Friday 6 pm-8 pm
  • Saturday: 10:30 am-2:30 pm
  • Sunday 12:30 pm-4:30 pm

Our trained volunteers will be happy to acquaint you with our cats, answer your questions, and complete adoptions.

Current Adoption Fees

  • Two kittens—$150 (regular fee @$85)
  • Two cats over 1 year—$100 (regular fee @$65)
  • One cat and one kitten—$125


Click here to view additional cats and dogs that are looking for their permanent homes.

Adopting a Kitten?

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Our Cats

AnimaLovers is an all-volunteer-staffed organization; therefore, we limit adoptions to those who live no more than an hour from the capital district. Click here to display the Adopt-a-Pet website to search for animals in other areas.

For more information, you can also call 348-3903, and press 1.

Meet Our Featured Feline!

Triple Sec
My name is Triple Sec and I'm a sweet young girl with a pretty rough past. When I was taken in by Animalovers, I had just given birth and a severely deformed back leg. I was in so much pain, I had to have emergency surgery. The surgery went well, but 5 days later I got an infection. Since then I've recovered completely and am looking for my forever home! Despite my past, I'm super loving and will follow you around the house. You couldn't even tell I'm missing a leg with how well I get around, and how much I play! I need to be an only cat, that way I have you all to myself. Will you be my new home? Call Animalovers at 348-3903 and press 1 to learn more about me!
Additionally, Triple Sec is our featured feline, which means her adoption fees are waived!

Some of Our Available Kitties!

I'm Flamingo and if you are looking for a sweet girl that's a lap cat then look no further! I will sit on your lap purring happily. I also enjoy being held and will show you my affection with kisses! I'm a happy girl that gets along with both cats and dogs. Will you be my new home? To meet me and learn more about me call Animalovers at 348-3903 and press 1. Top of Page
My name is Ibanez and I am quite the love bug! I'm at the young age of three years old and I'm the type of cat that loves to be picked up and petted. I will sit by you and just hang out with you. I get along great with not only other cats, but dogs as well! I'm looking for my forever home, are you that home? For more information or to schedule a meeting with me call Animalovers at 348-3903 and press 1. Top of Page
A young adult so sick with a cold and parasites that he weighed less than four pounds, Sonny lay on his side in a humane trap, struggling to breathe. When the volunteers reached into the trap, however, Sonny purred and let them pet him. Knowing Sonny would die if he was brought back to “his” farm, the same woman who had brought Buddy home also took Sonny to her house to recover. Buddy turned out to be about ten years old, and tested positive for FIV, an immune system deficiency that many people mistakenly think is highly contagious to other cats. He’s a bit shy, a bit arthritic, a bit skeptical of new people. Sometimes, if you reach to pet him too fast, he still acts as if he’s going to be hit and ducks his head. Sonny, on the other hand, is only about a year old, outgoing, affectionate, low key, and trusting, with a purr that can be heard across the room. And everything makes Sonny purr: being petted, being talked to, being fed, being looked at….just being. It doesn’t seem these two have much in common – they’re opposite in every possible way – but they’ve been best friends since they met in foster care eight months ago. Sonny follows Buddy everywhere, and Buddy looks for Sonny when he’s not close by. Sonny reminded Buddy that most people are nice and can be trusted, and Buddy taught Sonny what it’s like to have a big brother to protect him. They sleep curled next to each other, insist on eating side by side, play together with their favorite toy (the turbo scratcher), and are never far apart. They both want a home of their own, but what would really make them happy is to go home together. Their foster mom can’t imagine splitting them up. AnimaLovers knows it will be hard to find a family to adopt these two boys. Few people want to adopt a 10-year-old cat, much less one that comes with a pre-selected friend. But we’re committed to trying to find these two a home where they can enjoy each other’s company – and yours – for many years to come, and we intend to keep trying until the right person comes along to take them home. Their adoption fee is waived for the special family that will open their hearts to this unusual but loveable pair. To adopt or learn more about Sonny and Buddy, contact AnimaLovers at 348-3903 or Top of Page
Meet Trailblazer, Patches and Grayson. These three are almost perfect kittens. They are incredibly playful, but love to cuddle up with you and each other after a play session. Trailblazer is the leader of the three and is by far the most curious. She loves to explore while her siblings follow her around. If you would like to learn more about them call Animalovers at 348-3903 and press 1. Top of Page
Tommy and Todd are from a rural town up North. Their owner has dementia and forgot about them. They were running around the streets looking for food and shelter before coming to Animalovers. They are a year old and would love to stay together! To learn more about Tommy and Todd contact Animalovers at 348-3903 and press 1. Top of Page
I'm Bullett and I'm a VERY active kitten! I just love to play, play, and play! After playing I look forward to having a wonderful pet session. I can be talkative, and I'll let you know when I want to be pet. Call Animalovers at 348-3903 and press 1 to learn more and to find out how to meet me! Top of Page
Say hello to Fluffy! This handsome boy was abandoned by his family when they moved away. We don't know why because he's a super snuggly, lovable boy that will hold a conversation with you. Fluffy would love to find a home where he'd be the king and wouldn't have to share you. Give us a call at 518-348-3903 to hear more about this sweet boy! Top of Page
These gorgeous 6 month old sisters are Petunia and Tig. They were born in a trailer park and wonderful lady took care of them until they were taken in by Animalovers.They are super sweet girls that are a little shy at first, but warm right up to you. Come by the East Greenbush Petsmart and say hello or give us a call at 348-3903 to hear more about these sweethearts! Top of Page
Meet Cocoa! This beautiful girl is looking for her forever home where she can spend the day snuggling on your lap! Call us at 518-348-3903 and press 1 to hear more about her or stop by the East Greenbush Petsmart for a visit! Top of Page
I might be a little shy at first, but I warm up quickly to new friends. I am friendly and will rub up against you to be pet. I also love other cats and dogs! If you think you could be my new home, please call Animalovers, 518-348-3903 and press 1! Top of Page
We are a pair of brothers that are a little shy, but we are just the sweetest pair! We are both 5 months old and do enjoy playing like any other kitten, although what makes us special is how cuddly we are. If you give us the time, we will be one of the sweetest pairs you will ever meet! We love to cuddle with each other too and it is one of the cutest things! If you want to give this pair a chance, call AnimaLovers at 358-3903 and press one! Top of Page
I'm very social and friendly. I just love being petted and being around people. Although I don't especially like being picked up, I do adore love and affection! I can play with my brothers and sisters all day long! Once I tire myself out I will sleep on the bed right next to you. Please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to learn more about me. I'll be waiting! Top of Page
Kira - Adopted!
Kallie - Me too!
We are sisters that love, love, love to play with each other. When we aren't wrestling and chasing each other around the house we love to cuddle up and have some rest with our favorite people! We get along with other cats, but would love to stay together. We are a fun loving pair that will be a wonderful addition to any home! If you want a pair that is affectionate and playful, call AnimaLovers at 358-3903 and press one! Top of Page
Kenny is a 3 month old bundle of energy! He's extremely playful and outgoing. He was born in a home, so he has been exposed to people from the very start. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body! He loves attention and will snuggle with you when he isn't running around having fun. He will cuddle with his foster mom at night. He'll curl right on her shoulder and purr. He also loves the other kitties in his foster home and will definitely need an energetic feline companion to rough-house with! If you want to hear more call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 and they'll tell you all about me. Top of Page
My name is Rosie! I'm a 1.5 yr old DLH petite girl that loves attention. I really love to petted and I'll roll over and show you my belly cause I love belly rubs too! Please come meet me! If you want to hear more call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 and they'll tell you all about me. Top of Page