In our interest to help as many animals as possible, on this page we list private parties in the area who are helping cats and dogs looking for their forever homes. These animals are not AnimaLovers's listings and are private transactions between the parties. Please note that AnimaLovers has no involvement other than listing these animals.

About These Referrals

AnimaLovers makes no representations regarding the health or temperament history of any of the animals listed below. Please direct all questions regarding these issues to the owner.

Seven years ago, Penelope and Ava were adopted by their current mom when they were kittens. She adores them but her partner is allergic to cats. If you are interested in meeting these sisters, please contact
Her name is Lilly. She is really beautiful and sweet and is approximately 3 years old. Sweet Lily is FIV positive but is very healthy. (There are a lot of misconceptions about FIV. It’s contagious to other cats, but isn’t spread by eating from the same bowl or grooming. It’s transmitted by deep bite wounds--not grooming or playing with other cats.) Lilly was a stray but has been staying at a house with a dog and doing well. They don't cuddle but hang out in same room. She doesn't hide and is very playful with toys. If you can give Lilly a home, please send an email to
Meet Midge ( all black ) and Emma ( gray tiger ) The girls are 6 yo, spayed, UTD on all shots and indoor only kitties. Their owner passed away 2 years ago and we found them what we thought was going to be a forever home. Unfortunately, after a year and a half the woman contacted us to say she didn't want them anymore. We are again looking for that FOREVER home they so deserve. We want to keep them together as they have gone through enough. If interested in meeting these awesome kitties contact Connie at 345-4639. Top of Page