In our interest to help as many animals as possible, on this page we list private parties in the area who are helping cats and dogs looking for their forever homes. These animals are not AnimaLovers's listings and are private transactions between the parties. Please note that AnimaLovers has no involvement other than listing these animals.

About These Referrals

AnimaLovers makes no representations regarding the health or temperament history of any of the animals listed below. Please direct all questions regarding these issues to the owner.

Tom Sawyer 11/25/2015
I showed up at a woman’s house, looking through the window at the cats inside. I would have loved to stay, but the woman already had lots of cats. Since she couldn’t keep me, she asked a friend to help. I was neutered, vaccinated, and tested for FIV and FeLV (I’m negative for both), and now I want my own family! I’m about six years old and healthy, but I’m hyperthyroid. It’s pretty common in cats, and means I have to take a daily (inexpensive) pill. But my foster mom says I’m the easiest cat she’s ever given medicine to; most of the time she puts it in my food and I eat it! (My foster mom can tell you more about this condition.) I’m very friendly and outgoing and I love being around people and cats. I come running when my foster mom comes home so we can chat about our day, and follow her everywhere to help her with chores. I really love curling up close to her and snoozing on the bed. I haven’t been around kids, but my foster mom thinks I’d be great with them, since I’m very gentle and easy going. Please give me a chance! To learn more about me, contact Rose at 518-253-2261 or or Debra at 518-861-8184 or Please put Inquiring about Tom Sawyer in the subject line. Top of Page
Jack 11/25/2015
I showed up at a farm a year ago and quickly made myself at home. I was the social ambassador of the barn, escorting people around and charming everyone I met. Even the dog liked me! When a volunteer came to trap the barn cats to get them vetted, the farmer asked if she could find me a home of my own. Between meeting several new cats and being inside, it took a day for me to get used to my foster home, but now I’m doing very well there. Although I’m a big boy, I’m gentle and mellow. I’m also quite a charmer – very outgoing and social! I love being safe inside a warm house and hanging out at the top of the cat tree, looking at birds and squirrels outside. And I love being talked to, petted and helping my foster mom with chores. I get along fine with the other cats I’ve met in my foster home, although I needed a day or so to get used to them. I great as an only cat! I did test positive for FIV, an immune system deficiency, but as long as I get good vet care, I’ll live a long, happy life. I’m an adaptable guy who’d do well in almost any situation, and could go to a home with or without other cats (FIV is not easily transmitted from cat to cat), a dog, or kids! Please contact Ronnie at 518-225-6886 or to learn more about me. She can also tell you about FIV. Top of Page