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Welcome a new family member!

We have many feline friends just waiting for a loving home.  Because AnimaLovers is an all-volunteer staffed organization, we must limit adoptions to those who live no more than an hour from the Capital District.  If you live outside that area, we recommend searching for animals at the Adopt-a-Pet website.
Save time by downloading the adoption application.  When finished, take the completed application with you to our clinic.
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Visit our cat clinics at the East Greenbush PetSmart:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sunday: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Our current adoption fees, with some exceptions, are as follows:
  • One Adult Cat - $75
  • One Kitten (Up to one year old) -  $95
  • Two kittens - $170 (regular fee at $95)
  • Two cats over 1 year - $130 (regular fee at $75)
  • One cat and one kitten - $150

Read About Our Newest Rescues!

Our Featured Feline


We are very pleased to announce that Cora has been adopted!! 

Sweet Cora is our newest featured pet! She is a wonderful girl. Cora is outgoing, very talkative and loves food! She must be in a home without dogs. Some cats cannot handle the clinic environment and Cora is one of these cats. It is too busy for her and she is frightened. She is being adopted from foster where she thrives. As a featured pet, her adoption fee is waived.

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Cora. 


This love bug is Dublin. He needs a special home. Dublin has kidney disease. He was in a rural shelter and we did not want him to be living in a cage  at this stage of his life. Dublin is 8 and declawed. His foster mom says he is super affectionate and a cuddle bug. He loves to he with you all the time and is the perfect lap cat! His only symptoms at this point are is that he is drinking lots of water and is on the thin side. He is not on any special food and the vet doesn't feel he needs a dietary change right now. In fact, while with us, he has actually gained a pound! Dublin could survive 3 months or 3+ years. There is no way of knowing. He is in foster and you can meet him by calling 348-3903 ext 1. We are waiving his adoption fee. He deserves to live the rest of his life surrounded with love and snuggles.

If you are looking for the ultimate lap cat,  call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Dublin. 

Kittens Available NOW

We have lots and lots of adorable kittens available for adoption RIGHT NOW!  We almost always have a few at our East Greenbush adoption clinic, and many more will be available in the coming weeks. These kittens are playing and growing strong in our foster homes while they wait for their new families. Since kittens are usually adopted very quickly - most of them aren't listed on our website. 

To find out more information call: 348-3903 ext 1.

Our Adoptable Cats

Please note that AnimaLovers always strives to keep our website updated but although it may look like we don't have lots of cats and kittens available - we DO!  All of our cats and kittens are in foster homes with our volunteers, their families and their pets when they aren't at our PetSmart adoption clinic.  So although we may not have photos please call our message line. We can tell you about the age, color and, most important, personalities of the other cats and kittens in our program. 348-3903 ext 1.


My name is Aspen. I was rescued from the mean streets and nursed back to health in a super foster home. I love my scratching post, toys, and my cat tree but my most favorite thing of all is humans. I LOVE humans. I will talk your ear off, especially when you pet me and show me affection. Foster mama discovered I have a poultry allergy. I must have fish based food. Any poultry (turkey, chicken, duck, eggs) will make me sick. Mama has me eating salmon food now and it is super yummy and doesn't upset my tummy. My coat is shiny and I have gained some weight.

For more information on Aspen, call 348-3903 ext 1.


This handsome fellow is Ice. He is very friendly and just loves attention!   He was found as a stray in Albany. He would be fine as an only cat or with another non-dominate male cat. A slow introduction would be best.

To meet this beauty, please call us at 348-3903 ext 1.


Hello! My name is PeeWee. I am six months old. I just love humans! I can't get enough of you! I am fine being picked up. I love to rub my face on yours. I would need another playful companion to keep me occupied some of the time when you're not around!

To meet this love bug, please call us at 348-3903 ext 1.


We are May and Mason. We were found living on the streets. That is no place for kittens to be! We were rescued and taken into a foster home with AnimaLovers. Now we need a forever home. We do not have to be adopted together, but we will each need a cat companion at home to play with. We love to play with other cats!!! Of course you can always take us both too and AnimaLovers will give you a discount on our adoption fees! 

To meet these cuties, please call us at 348-3903 ext 1.


My name is Lucy. I am 4 years old and need a new home. I was lucky to survive a house fire. The tips of my ears were burned. I am friendly and ok with other cats, but I am afraid of dogs. With all I have been through, a quieter home without young children running around would make me happiest.

To meet Lucy, please call us at 348-3903 ext 1.


My name is Jetta. I am a gentle giant. I spent 10 months in a more rural non kill shelter waiting for a home, so AnimaLovers pulled me to try to help. I was an owned cat before that. My family had to move and couldn't take me, so they brought me to a shelter. I get along well with other cats and enjoy humans. I am a little sad because I have been waiting so long to be a part of someone's family again. The humans say I need to lose some weight. I think when I get into a home it will be easier to play and exercise.

To meet Jetta, please call us at 348-3903 ext 1.


An Animalover volunteer found me under the car crying for something to eat. I am a super sweet fellow who loves attention and will be your best friend. I get along well with other cats in my foster home. I will head butt and rub noses with you to say hello and ask you to pay attention to me. I am a very relaxed and mellow 4 yr old handsome guy with seven toes which means I am good luck!

For more information on Stripes, call 348-3903 ext 1.


I am a super loving little girl who's around 2 years old. I love to be with you and to be pet!  I came from a hoarding situation so I am very happy to be safe in my foster home. Once I meet you I will be your best friend! 

For more information on this girl call 348-3903 ext 1.


This beautiful big gal is Jory. She is approx 2 and declawed. She was adopted from a NJ shelter as a companion kitty for an older kitty, but really prefers to be an only cat. She enjoys the company of humans and will greet you at the door. She is also independent and will let you know when she wants her 'me' time. She is still in a foster home.
To meet Jory,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Tessa & Teddy had a rough start on the wrong side of the tracks – the Rensselaer Amtrak Station tracks. They were found with a colony of cats located near the back equipment area and seized by a concerned volunteer from a rescue group. At 3 months, they were underweight and scared of people. After two months in a foster home with other cats and a Terrier, they now rule! They consistently use the litter box. They love to play with their stuffed mice, bat the tethered fuzz ball on their cat stand, and climb cat trees. They spend hours gazing out the window, but have no desire to go outside anymore when they enjoy all the comforts they need inside. They eat, play, and sleep together and have gone through all their medical exams and procedures together. Since they have been the only constant companions for one another since birth, these two must go to an adopter’s home together. They are shy with new people at first, but patience and consistent interactions yield good results. They are looking for a home that keeps them on the ‘right track’ for the future.
To meet these two cuties,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


This beauty is Olivia. She is a 4 year old polydactyly kitty (extra toes)! She is shy initially, but quickly warms up to you. Then, she just LOVES to be around you. She will follow you around the house demanding to be pet and looks up at you with those adorable, irresistible eyes! She is not particularly fond of being held, but is becoming a little more comfortable with it. At times she will come up into your lap for snuggles. She will ALWAYS want you to pet her though. She is being fostered with other kitties.

I'm adopted! 


My name is Sadie. Someone found me on the streets. I was posted online to try to find my family, but no one claimed me so AnimaLovers took me in and is helping me find a family. I went to the vet who spayed me, gave me some shots and said I am around one year old. 

I'm adopted! 


This handsome boy is Seth. He is approximately 8 years old. He was rescued as a stray. After some TLC and vetting, he is ready for a new furever home. He is super friendly and loves to talk!

To meet Seth,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


This gorgeous gal is Ellie. She just arrived at clinic so come visit her at our location at PetSmart in East Greenbush! She is a 4-5 month old kitten who was a stray with her siblings. She is a sweet girl who is shy at first and warms up once she is comfortable. She does not like to be picked up, but is affectionate. Ellie would do well in a home without young children. She gets along well with other cats and will need a cat companion at home.

To meet Ellie,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


My name is Elsa. I was rescued with my brothers and sisters. Our mama was a stray. A nice lady rescued us and got us to AnimaLovers. I went to the vet and now am ready for my own home. The vet says I am 4-5 months old. I may be a little nervous at first, but my foster mama thinks I have adjusted really well to all the change I have gone through.  

To meet Elsa,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


These beautiful girls are Molly and Sophie. They were owner surrendered due to hardship. They are super sweet 2 year old gals. They have been vetted and are up for adoption together. 

To meet Molly and Sophie,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Introducing 2 new beauty queens, Taffy & Mya! Both are DMH females, about a year old. They were rescued from the same city neighborhood. Taffy is orange & white. She was an owned cat but her family moved & left her behind. She had to fend for herself on the streets until an AnimaLovers volunteer was able to rescue her. Thankfully a kind neighbor was putting food out for her. Mya is a calico who also benefited from the kindness of this neighbor. Mya showed up every day, begging for food, scared & skinny. They are now spayed, vaccinated & enjoying the comforts of a warm foster home. They may need a slight adjustment period in a new environment, but both are friendly & affectionate once they settle in. They love attention & purr like crazy when you pet them. They like other cats & would probably enjoy having kitty companions. They'd actually make a very sweet pair. They lay together & lick each other. It's so cute!

We're adopted!


I have been named Dusty. Someone found me and saved me. I was posted online but no one claimed me, so the nice folks at AnimaLovers took me in and are helping me find a home. I have been described as super sweet and friendly. The staff at the vet couldn't say enough good things about me. I have strange looking ears due to horrible ear mites that were untreated on the streets. I'm so glad the vet got my ears all cleaned up. They are much more comfy now. They just look a little odd but don't hurt me anymore. They may need to be cleaned occasionally. They vet says I am about 3.

I'm adopted! 


Hi my name is Dory (light grey) and this is my brother and best friend, Marlin (dark grey). We lost our mother when we were just 3 weeks old. Thankfully we were found by a nice lady who brought us to our foster mom's house. We were really scared at first and Marlin cried whenever he couldn't find me. We got bigger and started to play with toys and realized people are nice and we love to be pet and cuddled. We purr when you talk to us, pet us and bring us food. We sleep next to each other every night. We are hoping to find a forever home where we can be together.

To meet Dory & Marlin,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


If you're looking for a sweet bonded pair of kittens, you should meet Evie & Gidget.  Evie is a 4 month old tiger & Gidget is a 10 month old charcoal grey. Both are tiny for their age & will probably remain petite girls, even when they're full grown. They have been fostered together for several months & have become great buddies. They are constantly wrestling & playing chase & have an absolute ball together. They also love people & are very outgoing & social. They enjoy attention & purr when petted. Evie sleeps right next to her foster mom every night & Gidget joins in for snuggles too. They also love their snacks. Evie is especially fond of wet food & Gidget likes wet food & also crunchy cat treats. Gidget likes the cardboard scratcher & both enjoy laying in windowsills or cozying up in their cat bed. They are extra special kittens & their foster mom will have a hard time letting them go! 

To meet Evie & Gidget,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Meet Serge and Sage. These gorgeous long haired kittens were found as thin strays. They went into foster for some TLC and good food and are now ready to find furever homes! They are sweet and playful so will need a playful cat companion at home, but do not need to be adopted together. Serge is the handsome fellow with the white on his face.

To meet Serge & Sage,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Meet Bogey and Bacall! These bonded sisters both have extra toes and look so much alike. Bogey is a sweet girl who will hug your neck. Bacall is the sweetest and most gentle kitty. Both girls love to snuggle. They are currently in their foster home.  Always remember that adoption fees are reduced when you adopt 2.  Both are spayed and ready to go to their furever home!

To meet these two sweet girls,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


I've been adopted! 

This handsome boy is Zayn. He had been adopted as a young kitten and is now being surrendered because his owner can no longer care for him. He is 3 years old. Zayn is on a special urinary diet food because he was getting frequent UTIs, but is doing fine now. He lived with two other cats but would be fine as an only or with another mellow cat. He did not like the spunky younger cat in his home. Zayn is an easy going fellow that is very social and friendly. He loves to sleep with his owner and play with his toy mouse. He enjoys being around humans. 

To meet Zayn,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Hi Everyone! My name is Wilson.  I LOVE to be with you.  I would do best as an only pet or with another mellow cat.  I love to be pet and picked up and enjoy my head being scratched.  I am so happy and lucky that AnimaLovers came and rescued me! 

To meet Wilson,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Bengal Jack is a sweet loving young fellow. He is about a year old. He was rescued by a good samaritian as a sick stray and brought to the ER vet. They got him healthy and he is ready to find his forever home. He loves to eat and wouldn’t mind putting on a few pounds enjoying the good life. He is affectionate, outgoing boy that loves to rub against everything.  

To meet Bengal Jack,  please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


We have been adopted! 

These handsome boys are Billy and Georgie. They have become quite bonded in their foster home, so we are hoping to get them adopted together. Billy (b/w) was found and brought to a local emergency vet quite beat up and AnimaLovers took him into our program after treatment. Georgie (o/w) had been in a home with someone who just had too many cats and was surrendered to AnimaLovers to find a new home. They are currently in foster.

To meet these two cuties, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Frannie has found her forever home! 

My name is Frannie. I am an 8 month old girl loving life in my foster home. I follow my foster mom & dad around the house. I love it when they pick me up and snuggle. I can't help but purrrrr really loud as soon as they do. They have 6 cats of their own and I get along with them all. It gives me lots of friends to play with. 

If you'd like to meet me, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


My name is Greta and I am a friendly young girl. I was found as a stray in the city and AnimaLovers stepped in to find me a forever home and get me off the streets. I am good with other cats.  I may be a little shy at first since I need a little time to settle in to a new home. 

To meet Greta, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


My name is Taker. I am 1. The humans say I am handsome, friendly and spunky. I was so busy exploring clinic the nice lady had to get a quick picture. My daddy loves me very much but could not take care of me anymore, so he got me to the nice people at AnimaLovers to find me a new fur-ever home. I really do need a playful kitty at my new home to keep me company. I don't like to be picked up, but please don't hold that against me. I love to be pet and to be near people.

To meet Taker, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


This beauty is Elena. She was found as a stray. The vet estimates her to be 6-8 months old. Many kittens this age love cat companionship, but she is afraid of other cats. She would do best as an only pet. Her foster mom describes her as "curious, affectionate and loves to explore." She is still learning to be an owned cat, but is super sweet. Older children 8+ would be better.

To meet Elena, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Hi everyone!! My name is Mitts and I am as handsome as they come!  My foster mom says I am  a mellow and easy going boy. I just love to cuddle and am very friendly.  I would make a great addition to your home and whoever adopts me is in for a big treat! 

To meet Mitts, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Hello everyone. My name is Brenda. I am only a year old. I am a friendly gal who was fostered with dogs. This picture doesn't really show my true beauty. The human caught me by surprise. I have striking green eyes and a beautiful coat. I even have different colored paws, which I think is pretty neat.

To meet this sweet girl, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


Hi there. My name is Gidget. I am just a teeny tiny gal, even though I am around 7 months old. My foster mama says I am a total doll. I am so happy to be safe. I came from a high kill shelter in KY, where I was found as a stray. I was sent up north to get a chance at a new life. I am living with other kitties in my foster home. I am a very lovey gal.

To meet Gidget, please call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1.


This beautiful girl is 1 year old Onyx. She is friendly and playful. She is currently being fostered with 3 children and doing great. Onyx loves her humans and prefers not to share them, so being an only cat would really make her happiest.

For more information on this sweetheart call 348-3903 ext 1.
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