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Welcome a new family member!

We have many feline friends just waiting for a loving home.  Because AnimaLovers is an all-volunteer staffed organization, we must limit adoptions to those who live no more than an hour from the Capital District.  If you live outside that area, we recommend searching for animals at the Adopt-a-Pet website.
Save time by downloading the adoption application.  When finished, take the completed application with you to our clinic.
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Visit our cat clinics at the East Greenbush PetSmart:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sunday: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Our current adoption fees, with some exceptions, are as follows:
  • One Adult Cat - $65
  • One Kitten -  $85
  • Two kittens - $150 (regular fee at $85)
  • Two cats over 1 year - $100 (regular fee at $65)
  • One cat and one kitten - $125

Read About Our Newest Rescues!

Our Featured Feline


Rambo is 11 months old. He is free spirited and can be very playful.  Rambo loves to play with his kitty toys and loves all the kittens he's met over the past year while in his foster home. Rambo also loves the 2 large dogs who live at his foster home. Rambo is very shy at first, but once he warms up he will end up on your lap, purring, rubbing, being silly just loving you up, which by the way is on his terms. Rambo will do great with a family who will support his "on my terms" nature and also be patient and loving with him. He needs a home that is a calm atmosphere with other pets to play with and no children. Rambo is a sweetheart once he gets to know and trust you. Rambo has the best purr once he gets it going.

Call us at 348-3903 ext 1 to hear more about Rambo! As one of our featured felines, Rambo adoption fee is waived! 


Daisy is a sweet six year old girl. She was initially rescued as a stray and was turned over to AnimaLovers when her owner had to move because their house was being condemned . Daisy would benefit from a quiet home without children. Also, an experienced cat person or a patient person willing to give her time to feel comfortable would be ideal. It might do best to isolate her in a room initially so she will be comfortable with you. She hides during the day but does like to sleep on the bed with you at night and to get attention. She would be OK as an only pet or with another older mellow cat. She has become friends with one of the cats in her foster home and they hang out under the bed during the day together after an initial adjustment period. As one of our featured cats,  her adoption fee is waived.  

Call us at 348-3903 ext 1 to hear more about Daisy! 


Charlie has found his forever home!! 

Charlie is a super sweet 8 year old boy that loves to cuddle with people. He gets along with some cats. He would be fine by himself though. He is fine with dogs also. He is on a special urinary health food which he will come with some. He would make a great addition to the family!! Since I am a featured feline, my adoption fee is waived! 

Call us at 348-3903 ext 1 to hear more about Charlie! 

Kittens Available NOW

We have lots and lots of adorable kittens available for adoption RIGHT NOW!  We almost always have a few at our East Greenbush adoption clinic, and many more will be available in the coming weeks. These kittens are playing and growing strong in our foster homes while they wait for their new families. Since kittens are usually adopted very quickly - most of them aren't listed on our website. 

To find out more information call: 348-3903 ext 1.

Our Adoptable Cats

Please note that AnimaLovers always strives to keep our website updated but although it may look like we don't have lots of cats and kittens available - we DO!  All of our cats and kittens are in foster homes with our volunteers, their families and their pets when they aren't at our PetSmart adoption clinic.  So although we may not have photos please call our message line. We can tell you about the age, color and, most important, personalities of the other cats and kittens in our program. 348-3903 ext 1.


Spaz is a 1 year old kitty that at times can live up to his name. He is looking for a new home where his new family will give him the time and space to get use to his new environment. It is really funny to see Spaz over the last couple days carry around and play with the same cuddle cup that he hid in for his first week or so here in his foster home. Although he will still “Spaz” when there is too quick of a movement in the house, he is also so friendly when he is ready to come hop up on your lap, which is often. If you aren’t paying enough attention to him, that he feels he deserves, he will let you know both vocally and by knocking his head against you for a rub. Now that he has come out of his shell he is so nosey to see what everyone in the house is doing and doesn’t like to be left behind a closed door. 

If you have the patience to see this shy and nervous kitty transition into a friendly, playful buddy please  call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Spaz! 


Lovebug and Chica are two sweet girls still waiting for their forever homes!  They were both found as strays and would like to be adopted together but it is not a must.  They both like attention and enjoy being petted!  

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet them! 


Meet Jenny and Presley! These sweet kittens are at the East Greenbush PetSmart hanging out and waiting for a home of their own. They are very bonded and need to be adopted together as Jenny is super outgoing and Presley can be a little shy, but his BFF really helps him come out if his shell. Who wouldn't want this pair of furbabies in their lap! A home with young kids may not be the best.

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet them! 


Hi everyone, my name is Layla!  I am a very outgoing, sweet girl who just loves attention!  I am very playful and will roll over for belly rubs. I will even greet you at the door! 

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Layla! 


This beautiful pair is Garfield (left) and Spirit (right). Garfield is about four years old and Spirit is two - three years old.   Their owner became ill and had to go into a nursing home so AnimaLovers stepped in to help them find a new home!  Spirit will cry without Garfield so they must be adopted together.   They are both super sweet cats that just love attention!    

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Garfield & Spirit! 


This sweet girl was found under a person's porch during the huge snowstorm. She is super loving. She is talkative when she wants her food! She is squirmy to hold.

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Calista! 


I'm a super sweet, laid back boy that is a little shy but I do love attention, being petted and following you around!  I also have the cutest goatee, I made sure the photographer captured it in my picture!! 

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Sully! 


Hi my name is Butch!!   I love attention & will come over to my foster dad when he calls me! I am a little bit shy and can be skiddish when I hear loud noises so I would do best in a quiet home without kids.  I love to play with toys and enjoy treats! 

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Butch! 


Mittens has found his forever home! 

My name is Mittens and I am a playful girl.  I like to use my scratching post.  I may hiss at first but please don't let that bother you, I promise I am just a little afraid at first but give me some time and I will warm up to you and cuddle with you!   I love chasing a ball and playing with the laser light. 

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Mittens! 


I've been adopted! 

Hi, My name is Socks!  I am a very sweet boy who just loves attention!  My favorite game is to play with the laser light. I may be a little shy at first but I adopt well to new places.  I also LOVE to snuggle and follow you around! 

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Socks! 


I've been adopted! 

Beautiful Tinker is still looking for her forever home! She's 6 months old & could not be sweeter. She loves people & can't get enough attention. She'll purr like crazy when you pet her & flop over for belly rubs. Tinker is hissy when she first meets new cats, but not aggressive. She is fine with the other kitties in her foster home, but is independent & prefers to keep to herself. She'll definitely need a family that can give her lots of love & treat her like a princess!

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Tinker!


Percy is a six year old friendly fellow. He was trapped as a stray back in November and has been at a shelter since then. The lady that trapped him thought he would have a better chance getting adopted through AnimaLovers. He is friendly and good with other cats.

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Percy!


I've been adopted!! 

Tigger is a one and a half year old tabby who just loves attention!  She has a lot of energy and her favorite toy is the laser pen.  She  is super sweet and enjoys being pet!  She would do best as an only.

Call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Tigger!


I've been adopted!! 

I am extremely friendly!  I am a little shy at clinic so I'd like to go home as soon as possible!  I don't care for cats or dogs so I'd prefer to be an only.  Once I am home I enjoy being on your lap and being pet. I love treats too! 

Call Animalovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Angie!

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