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These kitties hate being at clinic, but love people and some also love other cats and even dogs! Since these cats and kittens just don’t enjoy being at our PetSmart clinic, we have them in foster homes with our volunteers and their families. They are a great match for many forever homes, but just aren’t comfortable either in a cage or with all the “excitement” there can be in a more public environment. If you are interested in meeting one of these cats, please call our Adoption Line at 348-3903 ext. 1.

BAILEY - I've been adopted!

This handsome boy is Bailey, he's approximately 6yrs old. He's had a rough start in life. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty whose family abandoned him when they moved away. Recently rescued from a life on the streets, he is learning to be a house cat as well as learning how to get along with other kitties. Bailey may be more comfortable with only one kitty companion when he finally finds his forever home. He loves attention and being pet and would be a great companion for anyone looking for a sweet, calm cat
Call Animalovers to hear more about me at 348-3903 ext 1


Leo is looking for an experienced cat person who’ll give him time to relax and feel confident. In his foster home, he initially hid all the time, but he’s started to come out more and is enjoying testing out all of the toys. He’s also started to ask his foster mom to be pet sometimes, but he is finicky about having attention on his terms. While he is wary of other cats and will He's been happy living with other cats in the past, but we think he'd be happiest as your only cat. 

Call 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Leo!

Special Needs Cats

The cats below are in need of very special homes. They have medical or other situations that will work best in homes where their owners are willing and able to give them the care they need. Some only need a daily, inexpensive pill or other considerations that keep them from coming to our regular adoption clinics and are currently in a foster home. They will offer love and affection, and be forever grateful to their adoptive owners. If you feel you can make a special impact in the lives of these cats we would love to share more information, call 348-3903 ext. 1.


Handsome Puff is a lovebug of a cat. This 2 year-old showed up at his foster mom’s house a skinny and scruffy stray, but obviously friendly. Puff is a little shy at first, especially at our busy PetSmart clinic, but with a polite and patient introduction he’s happy to install himself in your lap. He loves to get as close as possible, snuggling his face up under your chin and giving you kisses. He’s happy to be fussed over and have his creamsicle-colored fur brushed. He loves people but is wary of other cats, and might be happiest having your home all to himself. Puff is FIV positive, which causes a weakening of the immune system in cats. It's often compared to human HIV, but FIV is not transferable to humans or other species. It is also difficult to transfer to other sterilized cats. If kept indoors in a stress-free environment, with regular medical care and high-quality nutrition, most FIV+ cats live long and healthy lives. 

To meet this beautiful lap cat, call 518-348-3903 ext 1. 

Stories from Our Friends

Here is where we provide updates on adoptions and more.
Settled into his new home

Bubbles loves his new home and is surrounded by a loving family.  If you have a story to tell us about an AnimaLovers cat that you have adopted, email us at  We'd love to see photos of your new family member and hear about how they are doing.

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