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Love Stories

We love to hear about your stories of the animals in your life! We share some of the recent tails (!) below.

Notes from Our Friends

In January, I adopted sweet BRODE (aka REMY)from AnimaLovers. Just an update...he is now 8 mos. and is growing by leaps and bounds. Brode's very shiny black coat has just a hint of striping. His big sister, Moose (10 mos. and also black with a beautiful long coat) is his best friend. They wrestle, chase each other around the house and then bathe each other. When they sleep there like one big black blob. Of course they are great company for me and have made my apartment a home for me and a forever home. Thank you ANIMALOVERS for all the great work you do. Donation to follow by snail mail.

MadelineMy sister and I got Madeline at a shelter. We were looking for a very loving and cuddly cat so when we held Madeline in our arms and heard her purr we knew she was the right one for us. Madeline was always affectionate. She always liked eating with us whenever we ate; she liked eating in general, of course. She loved cuddling under, around or on top of someone at night. Whenever I was upset, sick or cold she was happy to be next to me and comfort me. She was always sweet if not shy when it came to meeting new people. I will miss being able to hold her and pet her again. Madeline loved the outdoors even though she was an indoor cat. She usually was looking out a window to see what was going on. If she was outside we had to curb her curiosity because early on she got into trouble. She was a queen so she didn't get on well with other cats. She enjoyed eating grass and hiding about like she was on some sort of adventure. I'll miss her bouts of playfulness. I hope Madeline is happy and eating to her heart's content where ever she is. We will all miss her and never forget the happy times we had with her.

TrapperDear Friends, My most sincerest thanks for all you have done to help me through this most difficult time with my Trapper. This morning at 11:00am at East Greenbush Animal Hospital Trapper went over the Rainbow Bridge. He was so sick and in pain and I did not want that for him. I had a wonderful 17 years with Trapper...he was the best cat anyone could ever ask for. He was unique, 26 toes, and freckles all over his nose. His fur was softer than soft and his disposition was so laid back and care free. As I held him in my arms, I whispered to him to run over that Rainbow Bridge and chase all those pretty butterflies and bugs. Be free of pain my friend, and remember that I will always love you and will miss you dearly. Forever in my heart my Trapper boy....I love you. Thank you all for everything you do to help the animals. For it was with your generous donation that I could get my Trapper through his most difficult time. God bless you all and as soon as I am feeling a bit better, I promise to help out by volunteering my time in memory of my Trapper.

Please Share Yours!

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