Special Adoptions


These kitties hate being at clinic, but love people and some also love other cats and even dogs! Since these cats and kittens just don’t enjoy being at our PetSmart clinic, we have them in foster homes with our volunteers and their families. They are a great match for many forever homes, but just aren’t comfortable either in a cage or with all the “excitement” there can be in a more public environment. If you are interested in meeting one of these cats, please call our Adoption Line at 348-3903 ext. 1.

Special Needs Cats

The cats below are in need of very special homes. They have medical or other situations that will work best in homes where their owners are willing and able to give them the care they need. Some only need a daily, inexpensive pill or other considerations that keep them from coming to our regular adoption clinics and are currently in a foster home. They will offer love and affection, and be forever grateful to their adoptive owners. If you feel you can make a special impact in the lives of these cats we would love to share more information, call 348-3903 ext. 1.


This love bug is Dublin. He needs a special home. Dublin has kidney disease. He was in a rural shelter and we did not want him to be living in a cage  at this stage of his life. Dublin is 8 and declawed. His foster mom says he is super affectionate and a cuddle bug. He loves to he with you all the time and is the perfect lap cat! His only symptoms at this point are is that he is drinking lots of water and is on the thin side. He is not on any special food and the vet doesn't feel he needs a dietary change right now. In fact, while with us, he has actually gained a pound! Dublin could survive 3 months or 3+ years. There is no way of knowing. He is in foster and you can meet him by calling 348-3903 ext 1. We are waiving his adoption fee. He deserves to live the rest of his life surrounded with love and snuggles.

If you are looking for the ultimate lap cat,  call AnimaLovers at 348-3903 ext 1 to meet Dublin. 
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